What is the sound of the engine piston pin



The reasons for the noise of the engine piston pin are as follows: 1. The noise is fairly clear at idle and mid-speed, with a rhythmic click and click; as the engine speed changes, so does the period of the sound. When accelerating, the noise is louder; when the engine temperature rises, the noise does not decrease; when the cylinder is closed, the sound decreases or disappears. When the cylinder comes back to work, there will be a clear sound or two in a row.

2. The reason is that the piston pin and the small end bushing of the connecting rod are loose; the piston pin and the piston pin hole are loose; the engine oil pressure is low and the lubrication is poor.

3. Detection and judgment

(1) When there is such a noise when the engine is running, put the accelerator at the idle position, and then sharply open the accelerator to medium and low speeds, so that the noise can be sensitively changed, and you can basically hear it every time you push the accelerator. Prominent rattling, crisp and coherent, probably the rattling of the piston pin.

(2) Stabilize the engine at a strong noise speed and conduct a cylinder-by-cylinder misfire test. When a cylinder is disconnected, the noise is significantly reduced or disappeared, and at the moment of re-ignition, the noise can be recovered sensitively and significantly, and it can be concluded that the piston pin of this cylinder is ringing. If the noise is serious, the higher the speed, the louder the noise. At this time, when the flameout test is performed, the noise does not disappear, but becomes cluttered. The reason is that the fit gap is too large.

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